Verify identity in seconds.

Identity can be verified in seconds with state-of-the-art fingerprint matching accuracy.

We don’t have to tell you, releasing the wrong prisoner is a serious mistake. But with AFIX Verifier® your officers can confirm identity by fingerprint in a matter of seconds — you’ll know who you’re releasing before you put the wrong prisoner on the street and the media has a field day.

Confirm or disprove a claimed identity by performing a 1:1 minutiae-based comparison of two fingerprint images, one from an existing database file and one captured from a live subject with a single-finger digital capture device.

Simply place any one of the prisoner’s fingers on the single-digit live-scan reader and in seconds you have their mugshot and personal data in front of you on the screen. The fingerprint from the live-scan reader shows side-by-side with the enrolled record fingerprint. Match lines drawn between corresponding minutiae along with the relative match score help you immediately verify identity.

Many applications other than inmate release verification are possible. AFIX Verifier® software works on Windows PCs with a host of compatible fingerprint readers. Use on a laptop for a mobile identity verification system.

Full AFIX Verifier® system includes hardware, software, digital capture device, on-site training and 1 year of service and support. Please call for details.

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