Automated fingerprint and palmprint identification designed from the ground up with crime scene investigation in mind.

AFIX Tracker® is a fully featured minutia-based fingerprint and palmprint identification system (AFIS/APIS). This product has multiple applications but is aimed principally toward crime scene investigations.

Easy to learn and operate, AFIX Tracker 5® provides many advanced capabilities including “lights out” remote search and fully-scalable search capabilities. AFIX Tracker® is compatible with all major livescan devices and, since it creates FBI standard EFTS/NIST files, it can share those files with other NIST compliant systems.

AFIX Tracker®’s features and capabilities provide a flexible and affordable solution that rivals the most expensive AFIS systems.

Full AFIX Tracker system includes hardware, software, on-site training and 1 year of service and support. Please call for details.

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