AFIX Tracker LE® is a fingerprint, palmprint and latent workstation providing all of the same file entry and editing capabilities as the full AFIX Tracker system.

For high volume environments, AFIX Tracker LE® provides an affordable additional workstation to expedite entry and editing of Tracker database files.

AFIX Tracker LE®’s controls work exactly like the full version of AFIX Tracker®:  scanning fingerprints, palms and latents; classifying prints; extracting and editing minutiae; doing everything the full version does, except search and compare.  Searching and viewing search results must be handled on the main AFIX Tracker® system.

Full AFIX Tracker LE® input station includes hardware, software, on-site training and 1 year of service and support.  Please call for details.

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Expedite entry and editing of Tracker database files with the addition of one or more AFIX Tracker LE Entry Workstations networked with your main Tracker system.

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