Version 5 introduces
an entire family of products.

Choose components to solve your agency's specific identification needs, including crime scene investigation, mobile I.D., inmate release verification, and more.

AFIX Tracker® is a fully featured minutia-based fingerprint and palmprint identification system (AFIS/APIS). This product has multiple applications but is aimed principally toward crime scene investigations. Read more

AFIX Tracker RW® is designed to perform all the functionality of Tracker in regards to fingerprints, palmprints and latents including full search capability, but is reliant on an existing Tracker to perform tasks related to the database. Read more

AFIX Tracker LE® is a fingerprint, palmprint and latent workstation providing all of the same file entry and editing capabilities as the full AFIX Tracker system. Read more

AFIX Tracker LW® is a complete latent workstation providing the ability to enter latent prints into an AFIX Tracker database, launch latent searches and review search results. Read more

Afix VP allows you to select ten print and palmprint EFTS records in an AFIX database and print FBI standard or custom tenprint and palmprint cards and/or individual images. Read more

AFIX Verifier® allows you to confirm or disprove a claimed identity using a 1:1 minutiae-based comparison of two fingerprint images. Read more

AFIX Identifier® provides the ability to identify unknown subjects by conducting a 1:n search of fingerprint databases. Read more

AFIX Engine® is the search engine included with AFIX Tracker, AFIX LW and AFIX Identifier. Multiple copies may be licensed to enable dramatic scalability to search performance. Read more

Ongoing support and training options are always available. Read more


Mobile-ID employs a modular handheld device that links via Bluetooth to any preconfigured, supported PDA, taking advantage of today's latest smartphone technology. Read more


Bio-JMS is a jail management system that integrates state of the art iris biometric technology into critical work processes. Read more


Offender-ID is an advanced inmate identity management system that incorporates state-of-the-art iris technology for fast and accurate identification. Read more

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