Fast and Accurate Offender Identification with Iris Identification Technology

Offender-ID is an advanced inmate identity management system that incorporates state-of-the-art iris technology for fast and accurate identification. Critical processes such as booking and release can now be quickly and securely executed preventing inmates from falsifying their identities.

The Offender-ID system can be integrated into an existing JMS/Mug Shot system or other "Systems of Record" or can operate as a stand-alone biometric and biographic repository. In both the integrated and stand-alone setup, officers are able to create audit trails of subject enrollments/identifications, query records with text based biographic searches, and generate customizable reports.

Offender-ID Integrated

When integrated, the Offender-ID program interfaces directly with existing systems by linking inmate information (including a mug shot) to an iris record via a unique identifier number and a data bridge between the systems. When a subject is identified, an iris match prompts a query of the system of record via the unique identifier number and data bridge in order to pull all relevant inmate information into the Offender-ID application. Any information updated in the system of record is automatically reflected in the Offender-ID system when a subject is identified.

Offender-ID Stand-Alone

When operating as a stand-alone system, Offender-ID compliments your jail management system by adding the value of iris enrollment and identification to your inmate identification process but keeps a separate data repository. This setup enables an officer to capture an inmate's iris images, a mug shot, and any relevant biographic information for storage in the Offender-ID database. As a stand-alone system, the Offender-ID solution is able to accurately enroll, identify, book, and release inmates, as well as keep an accurate count on all current active inmates in your facilities.

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Proper Identification is the first and most critical part of offender processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Iris Technology
  • Quickly Identify Repeat Offenders
  • Remote Identification Using Portable Biometric Devices
  • Mug Shot Capability
  • Reduces Paper Based Subject Identification
  • Decrease Erroneous Releases
  • Reliable Audit Trail
  • Configurable to Search Multiple County/State Iris Databases

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